About Project

Tutor All Stars, Inc. is a community project that is near and dear to our hearts. We love the kids! Our main goal was to design an easy to use website and create an educational training center that was secure, effective and easy to use. This product development and management project taught us a lot about designing online classrooms.


We at TutorAllStars will challenge you with our tutoring regiment to produce All Star results. We tutor all subjects, ages, students and athletes.

  • We specialize in Mathematics for the formidable years of 8 through 15.
  • We strengthen the mind and body through education and athletics.
Our tutoring regiment will challenge you to produce All Star results. Integrity & Vigor We utilize positive education coaching sessions to yield winning results. Located in Houston, Texas, our tutors are teachers and professionals with strong credentials. Before we hire any tutor, they must complete a thorough background check that includes proof of academic achievement skills. Benefits of our private tutoring services include:
  • Affordable tutoring customized for individual student needs
  • Flexible set-up times within 48 hours
  • Tutors available for students grade K – 12 and college
  • Nationwide service

Project Details
Our job was to build a user friendly learning environment where tutors and students can connect, communicate and manage their accounts online.
Multiple Media Platforms Development and Deployment, Tutoring Videos and Materials, Strategic Planning & Business Development
Web Design, Strategic Planning, Graphic Design, Product Development, Digital Marketing