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In a society based on credit, having a better credit score does help to create a better life. So, we let Prosperity Credit help us get a better score!! And, business couldn't be better, because we were able to get everything we needed when we needed.  Developing this product, team, multimedia platforms and operations processes was challenging and fun! We love Prosperity Credit, it is a powerful tool for dedicated the Peoples' success.


Don’t let your credit rating keep you from enjoying the life you deserve. Whether you are planning to buy a home, purchase a car, or start a business, our credit experts can help you to build and maintain excellent credit today. Having great credit is more important than ever.  Prosperity Credits' dedicated team of professionals will tailor a perfect plan complete with authorized user tradelines to get your score up where you want it.

Prosperity Credit, Inc.

Project Details
Our job is to develop a credit restoration company that helps ordinary people create a better daily life.
Product Development, Project Management, Business Development, Marketing and Advertising, Staff Training.
Team Organization, Strategic Planning, Multi Media Marketing