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Prosperity by Design, Inc. is one of our most valued clients. Our main goal was to develop a business blueprint, design a membership back office and create an educational training module that was secure, effective and easy to use. This product development and management project taught us a lot about secure web development, multi-level marketing and project management. 


At Prosperity by Design, Inc.  we empower our Members, help you to maximize your potential by finding ways to enjoy personal and professional success. Our goal is to assist you in achieving personal, family and business balance.

Prosperity by Design, Inc. is an online environment of opportunity, education and inspiration dedicated to assisting our members in earning, managing and leveraging money. We believe that optimum health, fulfilling purpose and financial wellness are the foundations of Prosperity. Learn how to strategically maintain and leverage your finances for increase.

Get Paid to Learn. Prosperity isn't an Accident. It's a natural strategically cultivated lifestyle.

Prosperity by Design, Inc.

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Project Details
Our job was to build a Multilevel Membership Site based on a Finance Education Program that we helped to develop.
Multiple Media Platforms Development and Deployment, Education Modules Videos and Materials, Strategic Planning & Business Development
Team Building, Web Design, Strategic Planning, Graphic Design, Product Development, Digital Marketing