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21st Century Solutions.  Omni Afrikan, Inc. is an adaptation of Malcolm X’s economic plan for the global community. Many programs such as the WIC program, free breakfast, and free medical clinics were programs started by the Black Panther Party, were based Malcolm’s philosophy and economic plan. In this adaptation, Omni Afrikan, Inc. is based on Malcolm X’s economic plan and structured as a benefit corporation, or b corporation, designed for for-profit entities that consider society and the environment in addition to profit in our decision making process. We bring everyday solutions to the people through technology, embracing the life enriching principle of sharing wisdom, knowledge, and resources. We differ from traditional corporations in regards to our purpose, accountability and transparency.

Mission:  Our mission is to provide our global community self-sufficient solutions through multiple media platforms to educate, engage and empower. We put our Mission into practice through multiple media platforms presenting the following objectives via Hip Hop;
  • Self Sufficiency –  Crowdsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Fair-Trade and Organic Food Systems
  • Law & Justice – Conflict Solutions, Land Rights, Human Rights and Gender Equality
  • Science & Education – Life Sciences, Technology and Afrikan Studies
  • Cultural Connections – Celebration of Afrikan Communities, History and Cultures
--   Near and dear to our hearts is our non profit project Omni Afrikan, Inc..  We love this business development and project management client for its mission and ability to capture the beauty of Afrikan culture around the world. Omni Afrikan, Inc.

Project Details
Our job is to develop, manage and grow an online nonprofit media outlet.
Organizational Development, Project Management and Mutimedia Platform Development & Deployment
Team Organization, Process Development, Strategic Growth Solutions