Welcome to SOW Global, Inc.
START, DEVELOP, AND MANAGE YOUR DREAMS. She is sharp, busy and intuitive. She delivers on her promises with ease and assurance. She wants a hardworking team that is proactive, effective and efficient.

We listen, follow through and are easy to reach in a moment’s notice. We are the team that supports her as she implements her vision, chases her dreams and takes care of her family. We deliver success on her terms, with a strategic plan and measurable results. We are your dream squad, SOW Global, Inc.

DEVELOP. DESIGN. DELIVER. SOW Global, Inc. is a 19 year-old, boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic growth solutions. We’re a 100% virtual, woman-owned, and socially aware company. We offer a chic, creative and calculated approach to business and life balance. We are the voice of counsel for women who want to a successful business and the time to have a great life.

SIMPLE. FRESH. REAL. Our mission is to change the world one business at a time. Our specific goals are improving our client’s global communications, operations, and income generation.



In the Spirit of Wealth (SOW) we envision a world of peace, joy, love, prosperity, optimum health, gratitude, and compassion.

We give thanks. We utilize technology to help grow economies that support communities. We are grateful to the almost 8M Congolese lives that were, and are being lost for the minerals that make 21st century solutions possible.

There is always a solution. No matter what we want to create, change or make happen... sow there is a will, there is a way.

Everyone Counts. We are in touch with the Living Force flowing through and around every living being. Therefore we love EVERY ONE... especially the trees.

Trust Your Instincts. We trust our instincts. We take big risks, yet are not afraid to let go.

Never create a product or service “just for the money.” Our goal is to make a huge difference in our clients’ lives, so that they can do the same for their customers.

We deliver. We truly, deeply care about the success of our clients, audience and communities. That’s why we strive to deliver the greatest value in everything we do.

We are SOW Green. We are a green organization, every team member, is committed to an environmentally conscious company that recognizes the importance of preserving natural resources.

Connect with us. The best way is to use our contact form. We’re constantly striving to up our game and we’d love to hear from you.

If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience with us, or you have ideas to share, let us know!